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What country is your paypal is registered?

Current we offer USA Account for established seller, yet you can also order none US paypal but it is not established seller, more info please contact us.

What is your warranty?

Replacement account can be done only when the account is limited when it is delivered to you.

Does it comes with dedicated IP address?

No, but we will refer you a good vpn provider that most accounts dont get problem when logging in.

Do you provide support whenever paypal get limited?

No, you are responsible for all your transactions so you need to be careful with your incoming payments.

Does it comes with documents?

What you buy is what you get, which means you are paying for an account without documents, yet you can order document later when paypal request you to submit it. for document pricing, please contact [...]

Are these account are bank, card , phone and ssn verified?

Exactly yes, but somehow, verification of bank, card will be done after delivery of product, to avoid login issue from device of which the account was created.

Why you dont accept paypal payment?

Paypal does not allow us to sell paypal accounts, if they caught us, they will instantly ban our paypal.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept perfectmoney, skrill and bitcoin payment.

How long you deliver my order after payment?

We need at least 2-3 days to complete paid orders from time of your payment, but mostly delivery could be done by 12-24 hours of time.